thermi smooth 1

The new technology for the areas around the eyes, black circles and wrinkles around the mouth

thermi va 1

Revolution as regards the tightening of the vulva, lifting of the area of the genitals, handling incontinence, rejuvenation of sexual life.

thermi tight 1

For a non- invasive tightening of the skin. Fight loose skin immediately.

thermi rase 1

The revolutionary “Botox” technology which lasts for more than one year and a half, without toxins.

thermi dry 1

Permanent treatment of armpit hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

The ThermiRF™ is the first medical aesthetic equipment approved by the FDA, which uses an approved radio frequency temperature. It is a high technology and specialised injectable RF with multiple uses.

ThermiRF: It is the technology of using heat and radio frequency to perform a non invasive tightening and lipodyalisis. The external skin of the area to be treated is monitored by the use of an infrared thermometer so as to minimise the possibility of injuring and burning the skin.  The procedure takes place while the patient is awake and the time of recovery is minimal. The results are usually visible within a few weeks after the operation, but they continue to improve during the following six months. This is an exciting technology and this is the first time we have something “non-surgical” which provides long lasting results.

The application of ThermiRF™ in Plastic Surgery is divided into sub-categories:

Thermi TightThermi VaThermi SmoothThermi DryThermi Rase


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