The deep wrinkles caused by the intense movement of muscles are mostly visible in between the eye brows (“frown lines”) and close to the eyes (“Crows’ feet) and this is also true for the forehead wrinkles. Until recently, BOTOX gave the solution, by inactivating the muscles responsible for the movement causing these wrinkles. The action of these chemical neuromodifiers usually lasts for 3-4 months.

A new method is available, which handles the same problems, the results are immediately visible after the treatment, they last longer and the injection of a toxin is avoided. The new procedure is called ThermiRase™ and it uses an RF radiofrequency equipment. The results last up to 18 months (in other words 6 times longer  than Botox) and the procedure usually lasts less than an hour.

ThermiRF is a selective radio frequency equipment manufactured in the United States and it is approved by the FDA organisation. Radio frequencies have been used for years in cardiology, dermatology and pain management. The ThermiRF system is used to perform ThermiRase™, a slightly invasive procedure which uses the heat produced by radio frequencies to target specific tissue.

ThermiRase™ is a micro-invasive procedure which inactivates the nerves which control the muscles responsible for the lines in between the eye brows. This procedure, applies radio frequency energy onto selected nerves. In a recent study, the result lasted for more than 18 months to around 80% of the patients.

Some patients also wishing the lifting of eye brows continue to use Botox in combination with Theri Rase as the two techniques function with different action mechanisms. Some people think that the use of the two techniques provides a more  complete and long lasting result, which may last up to three years. In these cases, the Thermi Rase procedure must be performed before Botox.

The long lasting result occurs in proportion of the tissue endogenously, by producing collagen and filling all the wrinkles; therefore, after the action of Thermi Rase, wrinkles are 20% less than those that existed previously.

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