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Advanced Aesthetics

Advanced Aesthetics is one of the finest plastic surgery clinics in Greece, Athens and Nicosia in Cyprus covered by 100% of the range of this specialty.

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The plastic surgeon Dr. Andreas Ioannidis, with his many years of experience, as well as his associate physicians and aesthetics, provide patients with the most advanced techniques in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery as well as cutting-edge laser technology. See more


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New Technologies

We have at our disposal what is most modern in the field of plastic surgery,
beauty, body weight and body shaping.


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Dr. Andreas Ioannidis

Plastic - Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr. Andreas Ioannidis is a specialist in Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, including ophthalmic surgery, oncology.

He is a recognized Plastic Surgeon from the official Greek and Cypriot State Medical Health Service and is a member of the Greek, European and World Plastic Surgery Company.

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