Breast Enhancement - No pain no surgery stigma

Breast Enhancement - No pain no surgery stigma

All women, regardless of age, wish to have a rich and youthful breast. Dr. Andreas Ioannidis suggests methods breast augmentation which will change your image, without hassle with immediate and rapid recovery. Many women for reasons of inadequate breast growth feel disadvantaged by their breast size or because asymmetry and relaxation are due to weight gain after pregnancy.

How Does Breast Cancer Work?

The breast augmentation is done by placing inserts behind each breast, muscle or gland. The plastic surgeon can increase the neckline, correct asymmetries and shape according to the anatomy of each woman and her personal choices. Dr. Andreas Ioannidis select new-generation implants certified by the FDA and the European Union with lifetime warranty and different shapes according to the needs of each individual in general.

The way and the way we import and place the implants depends on the woman's anatomy and the recommendations of the surgeon. The incision can easily be done either on the chest between the chest and the breast, or around the nipple or axillary tongue.

Which technique is applied?

Dr. Andreas Ioannidis applies the technique No pain - Fast recovery - No surgery stigma, which is done by using RF (radio frequencies) to prevent post operative pain, for faster recovery with a natural result.

Where can the implant be placed?

It can be placed behind the gland, above the muscle (subfascial depression), partly behind the dual plane or even the muscle in its entirety. The choice of placement depends on the condition of the mass gland, volume, relaxation, etc. All this is explained in detail at your doctor's visit.

What to know about surgery and recovery

Usually the surgery lasts 1 hour until it is completed. The type of anesthesia we choose is mainly general narcotics. After surgery, you are likely to feel mild muscle sprawl, and you will be able to mobilize directly at about 24-48 hours and do not need hospitalization. Stitches are removed at about 10 days.

The return to everyday life depends on the level of activity you have in your everyday life.

Natural result

Our goal is to achieve harmony and symmetry in the image of each woman in such a way that no one recognizes a certain plastic surgery style by offering the best natural result for you.

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