Mesotherapy for dark circles

The eye area is one of the first spots of the face that reveal the age. The unsightly black circles do not discriminate and can easily betray our tiredness.


  • Heredity
  • The generous thin skin under the eyes
  • Bad skin circulation
  • Lack of sleep

They are some of the factors that favor the creation of black circles.

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a technique of direct introduction of various substances (hyaluronic acid, proteins, collagen, elastin) into the middle layer of the skin, dermis, which consists mainly of connective tissue fibers and is responsible for nourishing and supporting the epidermis.

How does mesotherapy work?

The plastic surgeon Dr. Andreas Ioannidis chooses the composition of the active substances to use according to your own needs. Before applying an anesthetic cream, the treatment is totally painless, then injected with a very fine needle the substances that have been selected. Before the end of the treatment, we apply a special mask that soothes the skin so that the patient returns directly to his or her activities. The treatment lasts about 15 'and is repeated every 15 days. Usually 3 - 4 sessions are recommended according to the needs of each patient.

There may be a mild irritation that subsides in the next few hours.

Mesotherapy can be combined with other non-invasive treatments such as ThermiSmooth (thin wrinkles around the eyes), tightening, hydration and thread treatments.

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