Female Genetic Lifting

A large percentage of women who have been menopausal have, to varying degrees, lost control of the bladder, resulting in incontinence. This usually happens with laughter, coughing, sneezing and intense effort like weight lifting. After menopause, the pelvic floor muscles gradually become aroused due to the hormonal changes that occur in this woman's life. This change can reduce self-confidence, reduce sociability, and even more negatively affect psychology.

What do we have to do;

ThermiVa is a non-surgical treatment that uses RF technology to tighten and revitalize the vagina both internally and externally. It is the so-called non-invasive Genital Country Lifting.

As women grow older, especially after pregnancy, there is excessive relaxation of the muscles of the vagina. This harm can reduce the sense of contact and reduce sexual satisfaction. ThermiRF technology is FDA-approved and revolutionary technology. Each treatment is done in the clinic and lasts 30 minutes. ThermiVa is usually given in three treatments over the course of three months. Patients report continuous improvement after each treatment. Thermage does not require anesthesia and patients describe treatment painless and relaxing. There is no recovery period you can continue all your normal activities right after the process. Patients can come into sexual contact immediately after treatment. Results vary from person to person, although some patients have reported immediate improvement. You can expect the results to be noticeably about 2 weeks after treatment.

ThermiVa uses a disposable pen, ensuring the risk of transmission of infections.

ThermiVa can safely take place six weeks after delivery and between pregnancies.

A detector is used to accurately monitor the temperature of the web, ensuring the optimum processing temperature and safety. The treatment creates a warm feeling, without pain during or after treatment. Some results are immediate and continue to improve with each treatment. The effects of treatment last about one to two years. To preserve the effect on incontinence and menopause problems recommended maintenance treatments are recommended once a year after the initial.

Treatment with ThermiVa is ideal for

  • Vaginal tightening
  • Improvement of atrophic vaginal sinusitis (vaginal and vaginal dryness)
  • Increasing vaginal moisture and consequently increasing vaginal stimulation without the use of hormones
  • Reduced skin irritation
  • Improving urinary incontinence
  • Improve pelvic prolapse
  • Improving orgasmic or sexual dysfunction resulting in orgasm in a shorter time

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