Medical Tourism

Medical tourism

Combine your surgery with a trip

In our Advanced Aesthetics Clinic there is a separate medical tourism department to receive and offer the high quality medical cosmetic reconstructive surgery services to patients abroad but also to patients from all over Greece and Cyprus. The many years of experience of the Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ioannidis Andrea and our own experience in the field of medical tourism has made Advanced Aesthetics one of the most popular destinations for Plastic Surgery and beauty services in Europe.

The high medical level in combination with the excellent tourist profile of Greece and Cyprus ensures the excellent combination of Health and holidays. Patients from the United Kingdom but also from Arab countries have shown a special preference in our clinic. Our Patient Coordinators undertake the full support, transportation, facilitation of patients from abroad and the province throughout their stay in our clinic.

In addition, we provide completely free help and information about hotel infrastructure, restaurants, museums and entertainment options. We will be happy to offer you our medical services and to facilitate your personal stay with us. You can watch the videos with the testimonials of our patients from abroad as well as the welcome video of Patient Coordinator Sharon for patients from abroad.

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